Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Next up!

Next plans (if I ever find any more time to sew):

Another Sense and Sensibility Patterns Swing Dress - this time in a lovely turquoise rayon fabric - perfect for summer! The pattern prices are all cut out ready to go so hopefully I'll find some time amongst report writing, marking and lesson planning to actually sew it up! 

Then I succumbed and bought the Washi Dress pattern from Berylune when I finally visited the other week after seeing a great version on the very lovely lady that works there. I'm planning on using this vintage fabric I've had in my stash for ages as a test run and then I might make it up in a woolen fabric for a winter pinafore type version as well (perfect for work). 


  1. I was a bit obsessed about the washi dress before I actually made it - except that when I did, it made me look heavily pregnant! So now I wear it as a proper maternity dress and it's fine but if I make it again, I would def lengthen the bodice a bit and make the skirt less full. I was gutted that the pattern as is just didn't suit me. Hopefully you'll have better luck! Look forward to seeing your version - love the fabric you've chosen.

    1. Mmm - yeah that's my only concern, but I'm going to give it a go to see. Might take your advice and lengthen the bodice before I start... If it's a complete fail it's no big loss.