Sunday, 5 May 2013

Me Made May '13. Days 1 - 5

Day 1: 
What: Swing Dress.
Where: To work
Doing: Teaching all day, followed by a pub quiz in the evening.

Day 2:
What: Pink Sorbetto with chinos 
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day.

Day 3: 
What: Grainline tiny pocket tank, with  chinos
Where: Work
Doing: Teaching all day, followed by  the pub for a meal and drinks with friends.   

Day 4:
What: Refashioned Ginger Skirt with pink vest and cardi.
Where: Home.
Doing: Out and about running errands.

Day 5:
Where: Home and in town.
Doing: Lesson planning and out shopping with the hubby.


  1. Your outfits look really lovely! I'm trying to join in with MMMAY too.


  2. I adore your red sorbetto/grey skirt combo. Lovely.

  3. I love your Sorbetto with the buttons! Nice touch! I need to revisit this pattern!

  4. Thanks Guys. Shame the weather has resulted in the tights being brought back out again now though!