Monday, 30 July 2012

Finished Project: Colette Peony

Another finished project - I've been on a bit of a roll these last 2 weeks! I actually finished this dress just over a week ago - before the 1950s Chicago Tribune dress in fact, I just didn't get round to taking pictures till this weekend.

So, another Colette Patterns design and, as with all Sarai's patterns, the instructions were really easy to follow. Since I'm a good little sewist, I did a muslin of the bodice as usual before making a dress. I cut a size 6 at the bust, grading out to a size 8 at the waist as usual. How grateful I am that I did do a muslin first in this instance! 

Colette Patterns are generally made for people with a c-cup bust (which I am not and never will be), but up until this point I haven't actually had to make any major nips and tucks  to any of the Colette dresses I've made so far. The Peony however, was WAY too large for me across the bust! I've never seen anything more comical than my Peony muslin on me, with this ballooning of extra fabric across the bust. The back piece fit fine though, as did the waist, so I cut out a  2" wedge from the centre of the bodice across the bust, grading down to nothing at the side seams. I made another muslin just in case and the alterations seemed to do the trick.

Like I said earlier, as usual with Colette Patterns designs, it was a dream to sew up, with no hitches. I chose to sew up a mash up of  the versions on offer. I decided I wanted short sleeves, but I also wanted pockets, so I went with a short sleeved version of V.1. I ended up not actually making the contrasting belt though as I have a cream bow belt I plan on wearing with it instead. I might get round to making the belt at some later stage. This was actually my fist time ever sewing pockets of any description (I know, I can't believe it either), but it was simple and straight forward so nothing to worry about! I serged all the seams too, so it's all nice and neat on the inside.

The dress is slightly shorter than I'd like - but it's my fault for forgetting to lengthen the skirt pattern pieces. It's not too short though so I'll still wear it loads I'm sure.

As for other projects, I've also finished up my Smooth Sailing shorts from Wearing History, so I'll post about those later in the week.


  1. Vas muy guapa!!!
    El vestido te queda fenomenal!!